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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 3, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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280,000 jobs make eric boling gag. >> set your dvr so you welcome to "hannity," and this is a fox news alert. house speaker john boehner has announced the formation of a special select committee to investigate the 2012 benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead. now, this comes after the release of e-mails that proved a top white house aide instructed ambassador susan rice to blame the attack on a youtube video. in a moment, we'll talk to charles woods. he is the father of one of the victims, ty woods. but first, here with the very latest from the white house tonight is fox's own ed henry. ed? >> good evening, sean. this is dramatic new pressure on the president over benghazi because for several months, speaker boehner had been resisting calls from conservatives to appoint this special committee. he thought that the normal
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congressional process could go forward. but i'm told by boehner's aides that he reversed course because he was frustrated that this ben rose e-mail had come out. republicans believe because of subpoenas already issued, that subpoena and other documents should have been turned over months ago. so boehner now pushing ahead there. what also piqued republican interest in the past 24 hours is tommy vietor appearing on fox news last night and he called him dude, basically move on. this has already been investigated and people are still talking about talking points two years after the fact. but basically, something else tommy vietor set caught republican interest for potential investigations by this special committee. vietor said he was in the situation room on the night of the terror attacks, but the president was not. that led republicans today to press for information on exactly what the president was doing on the night of the attacks while democrats within the administration say that
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republicans are wasting time and just reinvestigating stuff that has already been investigated. listen. >> the president -- all the president's men and women in the white house worried not about how to save those americans on the ground in benghazi but putting priority on saving the president's campaign for reelection. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege, that there was some attempt by this administration to cover up or spin what happened is 100% false. >> now, you heard marie harf there at the end. she works for secretary of state john kerry pushing back hard on this new republican special committee. she also -- her boss received a subpoena today for secretary kerry to testify on capitol hill on may 21st as to why this ben rhodes e-mail was not turned over sooner by the state department and whether there are other documents that may need to be turned over. kerry is already scheduled to be in mexico on that day so they may have to find some other time
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to deal with this, sean. >> let me ask you. it was a couple of pretty ugly exchanges with jay carney this week, specifically over the rhodes e-mail -- memo, and whether or not this in fact was related to benghazi, considering it was released three days after. preparation for susan rice's five sunday show appearances, and it got very, very testy in that room. bring us inside the room. what was going on there? you got attacked personally by him this week. >> sure. i mean, well, jay carney said, look, i know you, pointing at me and your bosses are disappointed that the talking points are involved here really came from the cia and not the white house, suggesting that i was hoping that there would be some evidence that the white house was to blame. for me as a reporter, i'm just trying to get the facts. i think there obviously are some lingering questions. there is no doubt republicans on the hill have been pushing this politically because they think this is going to harm the president. objectively you have to say there are lingering questions here. the new e-mail did raise some questions. i think that's why you're seeing the pressure from some
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republicans. they think speaker boehner is going to fire up their base. conservatives want more information heading into the midterm elections. on the other hand, the white house beliefs it could backfire because they're going to go to the voters and say they should be talking about the economy and health care, not investigating. >> what about november 28th, 2012, jay carney said during a press briefing that the white house and state department have made clear that the single adjustment that was made to the talking points by either of those two institutions he said was changing the word consulate to diplomatic facility because consulate was inaccurate. so he said that a number of times. does this memo contradict that? >> well, the white house insists it doesn't because if you look at it, the memo only sort of briefly mentions benghazi, instead talks more broadly about the violence in the muslim world that was going on. and there was a broader context as you know beyond just benghazi as to what was happening with protests around the world. look, they know they're going to keep getting these questions. but they didn't get questions today in the rose garden, it was interesting, because the president has a news conference with the german chancellor angela merkel. you mentioned there was some testy briefs this weekend you. thought maybe there would be
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questions about that. there were two american reporters, two german reporters called on. the american reporters asked about the crisis in ukraine as well as the death penalty in the botched execution in oklahoma this week. big issues, but no doubt being front and center this week, you would have thought maybe somebody would have asked about it. it's a free country. they can choose to ask or not. but certainly there is a lot of people who have been wondering, you know, when the president is going to be asked about it more. he wasn't candidate about it today in the rose garden. >> big news. ed henry at the white house tonight, thank you, ed. and while republicans continue to press for answers regarding the administration's massive cover-up of the benghazi cover-up, democrats now attempting to move away from the conversation and are doing so in some pretty insensitive ways. for starters, former nfc spokesman tommy vietor made headlines for his language. watch this. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this was like two years ago. we're still talking about --
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>> dude it is something everybody is talking about. >> we're talking about the process of editing talking points. that's what bureaucrats do all day long. >> your producers added scripts multiple times. >> really, dude, are you kidding me? now sadly, that remark came just hours after the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi, made this outrageous comment. and also tried to dismiss any and all benghazi talk. watch this. >> what i will say is again, diversion, subterfuge. benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. why aren't we talking about something else? whatever was in that -- what i know is what i've read in the press about the -- the e-mails very, very consistent with what -- what is put out there before. i don't think there is anything new there. >> all right. here with reaction to this unbelievable insensitivity is someone who definitely does care about what happened two years ago. that's the father of ty woods. he was a hero that day on september 11th, 2012. he saved a lot of people's lives, and he was killed for his efforts.
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charles woods, the father of ty. thanks for being back with the program. what is your reaction to dude, that's like two years ago, and nancy pelosi's comments. what is your reaction to that? >> first of all, sean, i want to thank you for not allowing the benghazi betrayal to be swept under the rug. the good news is what we heard this morning, and that is that there is going to be a select committee. and that is an answer to prayer. the people of the united states, as well as the families need to know what actually happened. >> yeah. now, they have claimed, and jay carney all this week said the ben rhodes memo had nothing to do with benghazi, but yet it was three days after your son was killed and three other people were killed. do you buy that explanation? >> oh, no, of course not. this was about benghazi. and that was why it was released. the court said it was about benghazi because this was a court-ordered document that had to be released.
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i actually looked at that and basically, the smoking gun of this document was where they said emphasize that the protests were rooted in the internet video and that it was not a broader failure of foreign policy. >> yeah. >> and the foreign policy of obama that failed was this. gadhafi was an enemy of al qaeda. he tried to get rid of al qaeda. when obama decided to get rid of gadhafi, obama sent millions of dollars worth of weapons to al qaeda-related terrorist groups in libya. they used those american-provided weapons to get rid of gadhafi. and then the bloodshed didn't discontinue, but it culminated in the attack upon the consulate in benghazi which resulted in the death of american heroes.
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so the failure of obama's policy was that the weapons and the material aid that was given to al qaeda resulted in the death of these four american heroes. >> let me play for you, and i mention november 28th of 2012. this is a similar statement made by jay carney may 8th, 2013 saying that the white house's only involvement with the talking points and the state department's only involvement in the talking points was just changing in the name consulate. let me play this for you in light of the rhodes memo and what it means for you. >> cia drafted these talking points and redrafted these talking points. the fact that there are inputs is always the case in a process like this. but the only edits made by anyone here at the white house were stylistic and nonsubstantive. they corrected the description of the building where the facility in benghazi from consulate to diplomatic facility. >> what is your reaction to that?
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do you feel you were lied to, in other words? do you feel they have purposefully lied to you? you met the president. you met the secretary of state, then secretary of state hillary clinton. you looked them in the eye. >> that's exactly right. this memo, it came out on the 12th -- i'm sorry, on the 14th. this was about the same time that i met hillary clinton when the bodies came in to andrews air force base. and i think i mentioned this to you before. hillary clinton came up to me and i gave her a handshake and a hug. and when i shook her hand, she said to me, "we are going to have the filmmaker arrested." even at that time she was trying to place a spin on what happened. it wasn't a result of a video. they had two drones above the battle in benghazi feeding real-time video to the situation room in the white house.
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they could see as it was happening on september 11th and september 12th for seven or eight hours, they watched this battle happen. they didn't watch a video protest. they watched a battle with militants that were associated with al qaeda. >> yeah. now earlier this week we had testimony, brigadier general -- retired brigadier general lovell testified the military should have tried to intervene. now, we have talked to you about your son, and he was told to stand down, was he not? >> i have actually talked to the reporter on the ground that talked to ty's friend who was there who said yes, ty was told on more than one occasion to stand down and not to go rescue. >> and as far as you know, he disobeyed orders and went to fight. and as a result, lost his life trying to save other people's lives. as a matter of fact, successfully saving other people's lives. that was your son, right? >> that was the type of hero ty
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was. he was going to jeopardize his life as well as his military career so he could do the right thing and rescue. and when he went to rescue, he knew that his life was in jeopardy because he wasn't going to be rescued if he got in trouble if they weren't going to go ahead and rescue the 30-some people at the consulate. >> all right. let me play brigadier general robert lovell. he testified the military should have tried to intervene. because this went on for hours. it took a while. i want to get your reaction to what he said this week. >> there are accounts of time, space and capability, discussions of the question could we have gotten there in time to make a difference. well, the discussion is not could or could not of time, space and capability. the point is we should have tried. >> we should have tried. this went on for hours. >> and there was no attempt made. as many military people have said, within an hour to an hour
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and a half, they could have had jets from italy above the battle at benghazi. whether they were armed or not, at least they could have broken the sound barrier. they could have dispersed and caused confusion on the battlefield. even that was not done. no attempt was made. >> we learned that mr. vietor was on with bret baier making a fool of himself saying dude, that was two years last night. we learned he was in the situation room. president obama was not in the situation room. what would you like to ask the president if you had a chance? >> well, i did ask this question of the president last september. i sent a letter to him. and i said if this had been a member of your family, mr. president, would your rescue attempts have been more aggressive? and his response to me lacked credibility. he said if it had been a member of my family, i would have basically done nothing different. and i -- i have a hard time believing that, because i know
2:14 am
personally as a father if my son had cried out for help, i would have done everything in my ability to do that. i wouldn't have gone upstairs and gone to bed. i wouldn't have gone raising campaign funds the next day. i would not have rested until the maximum effort had been done by our military, which is the greatest military in the world, to make sure that there was a rescue attempt. >> do we even know definitively where the president was that night? we don't know. >> it would be nice to know where he was and where hillary clinton was as well. >> yeah, all right. thank you, charles. it seems like we're going to get to the bottom of this. we'll stay on it, i promise. sean. you. and coming up, oliver north. he'll join me next from our nation's capital. we'll get his take from the developments surrounding the developments surrounding the [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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none of them think it's a video. none of them. the military, the cia, the cia station chief, the state department, all of them, the facts at the time, mr. chairman. the facts do not point to a video. that only comes from the white house. >> only the white house. that was republican congressman jason chaffetz on the benghazi story that was yesterday. also, there are two major developments today in the quest for answers on benghazi. first, congressman darrell issa has issued a subpoena for secretary of state john kerry to testify before the house oversight committee on may 21st. second, house speaker john boehner announced a special committee to further investigate what really happened that night. so will republicans ever get the answers? will the families ever get the answer that they've been waiting for regarding the terror attack that killed four americans? here with reaction, the host of war stories colonel oliver north. one thing i know, there is a
2:18 am
videotape of what happened there. >> sure. by the way, sean -- >> wouldn't that have answered a lot of questions a year and a half ago? >> of course it would have. and of course what you just said. the question you just asked, whether they ever get answers? yes, now that there is a special committee. i happy to know something about special select committees in congress, and i'm glad that the speaker of the house has finally decided to do one. look, all of this is because of tenacious reporting by one of our own. we know that the tenacious reporting that katherine herridge has been doing led to this lawsuit. and we finally know that the talking points prepared at the white house weren't spin, they were lies. and we know why they lied. we know they lied in order to perpetrate the myth that somehow or another al qaeda was on the ropes. but what we still don't know is why the u.s. government did nothing to prepare for or react to the attack. and now that that special committee has been convened, we ought to be able to get the answers to that, sean. >> we need that answer.
2:19 am
i also want another answer. this could have been prevented had the requested security been granted. i mean, we spend money, millions of dollars on chandeliers, we do, for alcohol, for bars, for parties, for dinners. you know, the state department spends all sorts of money. why didn't they give the security that they needed in anticipation of september 11th's anniversary? >> precisely the question that needs to be asked right up front. we need to understand, everybody needs to understand, 9/11 will always be a terror anniversary for radical islamists. it's not going to change because you and i get older. everything that they didn't do needs to be known. what was, for example, the cia and dia estimate of risk posed to u.s. personnel and interest by islam. did the cia or dia increase collection on radical islamic groups in the lead-up to that anniversary? why didn't our military preposition assets in the area, quick response forces that could respond to something bad
2:20 am
happening out there? and if they proposed such a thing, who was it that said no? what response was there to the constant requests by ambassador stevens that went unheeded at the state department? who vetoed those? all of those are important not just to find out what happened and get justice for the four who were killed and for men like charles woods you just had on. it's also important because in the days ahead of this administration, there have to be steps to get ready for next 9/11, sean. >> i think that's well said. all right. but here's the next question here. what did they know at the white house? they originally said at the white house, jay carney said it many, many times that the white house had nothing to do with the talking points. now, you know a thing or two about troubled hot spots in the world. why would the cia design talking points or a timeline based on what people in langley think rather than station chiefs and people that were on the ground there in benghazi? because they knew better. >> i look at that rhodes memo
2:21 am
and i say the whole idea of this being blamed on a phony -- no one in that part of the world had seen that video, i can assure you. and the idea -- look, video is out there about al libi. there was a video out there prepared about the blind sheik they wanted released in egypt. those videos were out there, and the 9/11 anniversary was out there. the fact is blaming it on the so-called video that was anti-islamic prepared by some guy in jail in california was not the reason for this riot. and that came out of rhodes. it's right there in that memo. we know that the white house is spinning this to give credence to this myth that al qaeda's on the ropes. it's bigger today than it was a year ago. it's bigger now than it was on 9/11. and we're paying the price for the incompetence and quite frankly the criminal negligence of this administration. >> cheryl atkinson on our website put up today that there was an e-mail from a woman named libya update from beth jones.
2:22 am
the e-mail was titled beth jones was then assistant secretary of state to hillary clinton. and according to the e-mail, jones spoke to libya's ambassador at 9:45 a.m. on september 12, the day after the attack. and when the libyan ambassador said the government suspected that former gadhafi regime elements carried out the attacks, i told him the group that conducted the attacks was ansar al sharia, which is affiliated with islamic extremist s. now wait a minute. if hillary knew or her state department knew the day after 9:45 in the morning, why did she along with the president and everybody else go out there with a the youtube video narrative? i think the answer is obvious, because of political concern. >> exactly. in other words, this fit the narrative of this being a strong leader and by the way, we killed bin laden. it was very important to continue that myth all the way through the elections. >> all right. so you mentioned that you know a thing or two about special
2:23 am
select committees. i think boehner has been very slow in doing this. i'm glad he finally did this. memo pushed it over the hill. what does this mean for those that are involved, those that may have lied, those that covered up? what does it mean for them? >> what the committee needs to do is subpoena every document. and they've now got focus on it. they need to subpoena every document, not just from cia, the white house, and the state department. they need to go to the pentagon and ask what did pentagon and africomm do to put if i can response and who was it that turned that down? i did this constantly for five years at the white house, sean. all the big difference between that investigation and this investigation, ronald reagan said go testify. everyone did. everyone told the truth. every document that they asked for was revealed. now, that's what ought to come out of this committee. that includes the pentagon as well. >> the fact that they held back this e-mail and it took a foyer request from judicial watch to
2:24 am
bring it to light. they didn't want this out because it went against their own narrative from jay carney on down and everybody in between that oh, we had nothing to do with any of the talking points that was a lie. ollie, thank you. >> good to be with you, friend. >> more on the breaking news regarding the benghazi terror attack and the select committee. we'll check with the great american panel. american panel. they join us next that and m [ female announcer hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ et...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz is an ra medicine that can enter cells and disrupt jak pathways, thought to play a role in the inflammation that comes with ra.
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of moderate to severe ra, even without methotrexate. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare this a fox news alert. speaker of the house john boehner is forming a special select committee to investigate the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead. the speaker explains that part of the reason he is doing this is because we are still missing major answers, accountability and justice in this case. he is absolutely right. here with reaction, fox news contributor siriusxm radio host david webb, democratic strategist basil spengle and
2:27 am
kerstin hague well was. we were talking about kids before we go on the air. every kid is going to do something wrong, except you. i think you were the perfect child. >> probably not. >> every kid is going to do something wrong. it's when the kid lies. we have been lied to, david webb, about rogue agents in cincinnati, lied to that the white house has nothing to do with the talking points, that oh, this has to do with the youtube video. it was spontaneous. lie after lie after lie. and this smoking gun exposed them this week. i think they're in deep trouble. this is a bigger scandal in my mind than anything dealing with watergate. we have four dead americans. >> in washington, the cover-up makes it even worse. look, we have been lied to. and here is one of the lies that is being perpetrated by jay carney, by this white house. suddenly it's not about the benghazi e-mails. first of all, the foyer request by judicial watch was for the benghazi e-mails. the lawsuit was for the benghazi e-mails. how can this not be about the benghazi e-mails? ben rhodes sent an e-mail with
2:28 am
two key talking points about propping up the president's policy and about driving the youtube video. he is in the white house inner circle. he is not some state department employee. he is in there with the president and it's sent to jay carney. it's sent to dan pfeiffer. it's sent to david plouffe. this is clearly what it was. it was to propagate a lie. by the way, no other americans that day were under attack on 9/11. so that's all a lie. >> no, no. there is a videotape. they've had a videotape of this, so we're told. and i've been told by people who say they saw it. here is what i want to know. tell me how this -- now that we know they say they had nothing to do with the talking points and now it's been exposed they do, are you going to go along with the jay carney lie. you don't believe that crap, do you? no no, that's a yes or no. >> let me just say this. what carney said is that particular e-mail did not cover benghazi. those were general talking points. >> and three days after -- >> but what i would also say is
2:29 am
that what the e-mail shows is that it seemed like no one really knew what the other was doing. >> hang on. basel, you didn't answer my question. i asked you do you believe three days after the attack that killed four americans in the lead-up to sunday shows with susan rice prep, are you telling me you buy that crap that they're spewing in the white house? you believe that bull? >> you know what? i didn't buy it, and i'll tell you exactly why. >> i didn't think you did. >> i didn't buy it because that soon after the fact, to me it was going to be really difficult to get all the information you needed to get to make a great assessment about what happened. >> well, that's the nature of our news cycle today and the 24-hour news. everyone demands answers in a statement immediately, immediately, immediately. and even a lot of the news outlets are coming out and saying we didn't have this information. and now they're coming back realizing they missed a huge story and really challenging jay carney and the administration. i think people just want some
2:30 am
answers and some accountability. >> i think it's worse than that. >> they want accountability. if you did something wrong, come out and say. >> i think this -- you know, i remember when william safire, "new york times" wrote about hillary, that she is a congenital liar. i think this is an administration full of congenital liars. think about this. they knew in july 2012 people would lose their plan, lose their doctor and pay more. they never told us the truth. they knew that it wasn't rogue agents in cincinnati. they didn't tell us the truth. they knew a youtube video had nothing to do with this, and they lied again and again. >> look, this is the most cynical political idealogically driven administration on either side that i have seen in my life in politics. and that's been a few decades now, sean. we have, yes, not only the lies, but the cover-ups. the structure matters you. have you the j-2 brigadier general level. we have a state department that can override a military response when there are five different assets within reach. >> you're getting complicated. hold on a second.
2:31 am
>> told the white house this wasn't an attack. >> this goes to they lied to get elected and keep power. >> and we -- yes. and lying is a very strong accusation. >> they lied. >> we do know that both sides of the aisle, all people have in a political situation, use an election to say we're going to cover this up, we're going to shade this. we're going to obfuscate the fact. that's why people are so cynical about politics. >> you're right. >> we need to -- that's an integrity issue. >> made it up. >> to be on the talk shows and have this conversation. >> 14 hours later. >> and they very well may have. but to say that they lied, i'm not ready to go that far. >> wait a minute. why would you take -- tell me where this makes sense. with have station chiefs on the ground. we have the libyan ambassador telling us it was terror attack. we have secretary of state clinton's assistant at the state department saying the next, the chief deputy. they all said it was terror
2:32 am
attack. they knew. >> even "the new york times" had said this, that it seemed like everybody was focused on al qaeda, but though one was focused on homegrown terrorism there. >> no, the state department set said it was ansar al sharia. >> i think theyer were ready to talk. >> but they weren't ready to talk about anything else. >> fort hood in 2009 was workplace violence. do you believe that? >> do i believe that it was workplace violence? something more than that. >> it was a terror attack. >> something more than that. >>, no no, it was a terror attack. >> sure it was. >> that's called the truth. when the president knew in july of 2010 in his administration that people would lose their plan doctors and pay more, should he have told us? >> but he didn't lie. >> sure he did. he continued to tell us a lie. >> was he wrong? yes. but did he intentionally lie to the american people? >> yes. >> he madeatement if you like your plan, you can keep it. >> rogue agents. you believe they really believe rogue agents in cincinnati did this on their own?
2:33 am
>> no, i don't think that. >> so that was -- >> i can't say they lied. >> say the word. lie. lie. >> i think they're wrong. >> we're being lied to regularly. >> all politicians lie. all politicians. that's the nature of the game, you know. >> there is a difference. >> how can we color the facts in order to persuade people to think our way. they all do that. >> we got to take a break. hang on. we'll come back. >> posed were involved in this one. >> that's true. >> exit question. yes or no. is this worse than watergate? >> yes, it is. because there are bodies. >> worse than watergate? >> i don't know. i wasn't alive during watergate. >> four dead americans. nobody died in the cover-up there. all right. egot to go. hang on. we'll come back. more with our panel the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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2:39 am
own area lifetime achievement award this month as was originally planned. however, the l.a. chapter's president, leon jenkins defended the reason behind nominating sterling in the first place, and even stood by a past decision to honor him. >> this is not like the heisman trophy, dude. we gave out an award. he has it. we're not going to renege on it. that's it. you got one question. but no, we're not going to ask him to return an award that he had gotten years ago. >> all right. so amid allegations of being too cozy with the exposed racist, jenkins turned in his letter of resignation, writing in part, quote, in order to separate the los angeles naacp and the naacp from the negative exposure i have caused the naacp, i respectfully resign my position as president of the los angeles naacp. we continue with our great american panel. by the way, we also have an update. this broke earlier before we came on tonight. donald sterling to a magazine, i wish i had just paid her off.
2:40 am
>> some people just don't know when to stop talking. he needs to stop talking. but of course the l.a. naacp could renege on his first achievement ward. >> sure it could. >> which occurred in 2009 when he was in the middle of a federal lawsuit for discrimination, racial discrimination against people that were renting in his koreatown properties in l.a. he was not letting african americans or latinos rent from his property. >> he had horrible -- he is quote as saying horrible things. >> he has history. but they took his money. >> the department of justice in such a case. >> 2.7 million. >> here is the crooked nature of this, because this is important. jenkins who was the president of the naacp had also been disrobed as a detroit district judge in '91. what is going on when you have a guy with that kind of character just as we have a congressman impeached as a federal judge in the black caucus.
2:41 am
look what we're accepting. $100,000, donate to the naacp. we're right back to it. >> i would hesitate to say they're for sale. but i will concede that they admitted -- >> jenkins admitted it was for donations. >> that's correct. the point i'm making is the locals are not attached to the national, and the locals are really struggling. they're in a tough place. they're saying here is a guy who is able to give us money to do the things i want to do. should i reject this? i think they need to have vetted him more. if they did and still took the money, i think that's problematic. they're in a bind. >> and he did resign. he did resign. he is taking accountability for that action. >> he is not take accountability. he is resigning. >> but at least he resigned. >> let me ask you this. a lot of people -- everybody i think realizes this guy is a racist. here is the question. the nba is an organization has rules and bylaws. should they be in a place where
2:42 am
they could immediately remove him? do you like the idea that you're going have to get 3/4 of the owners just to get this guy away from owning a team? >> that's what the interesting conversation about free speech being a public versus a private thing. he didn't know he was being recorded and is that legal or illegal. >> does that mean anything to you? >> i mean, it has to go back to the public demand and the public outcry for justice in this case. i think you have to go -- >> but there is an issue here about privacy, although it's out. everybody knew he was a racist before. wait a minute. in your own house now, california you have a two consent party state. they're claiming that it was leaked after she sent it to somebody else. do you think she should get in trouble? should you be allowed in the privacy of your own home to be a bigoted racist without being recorded? >> she could get in trouble with it. but it's a separate issue from the owner because now it's out in the open. you have your labor force who are these players, millionaires or not. who is going to want to work for
2:43 am
this guy. >> no one wants to work for somebody who couldn't get a job somewhere else. >> here is the important point to the first part of the question. the constitution, whether it's private or public. skokie, illinois. i'm not going to surrender the constitution and the first amendment for one bigot and one anachronism in our country. this guy should be dealt with in the free market which is what spoke as a private. >> right. >> they said you don't represent the nba you. don't represent our ideals. here is what is disappointing to me. while he was doing this, stern, david stern used to be involved in racial discrimination cases in new jersey. >> last question. exit question, quick answer. does this case show that if you're a racist, you will be ostracized in america, progress or not? >> yes. >> i think it is progress. we've all agreed -- >> everybody agrees. progress? >> huge progress. we are a good society. >> all right. have a great weekend. coming up, brand-new developments. the impact that our special "hannity" investigation has had
2:44 am
into these disturbing reports about how the va in phoenix has been betraying our veterans. we have updates, some that are pretty impressive. we'll tell you about it, coming we'll tell you about it, coming up next. huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!!
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welcome back to "hannity" now. all week in our "hannity"
2:49 am
investigation, ainsley earhart has been looking into the zurich reports that dozens of veterans died while waiting for treatment at a phoenix v.a. hospital. well, tonight after a week-long series, we have several updates to tell you about. now, for starters, last night we learned that three employees at this very phoenix va have now been placed on administrative leave in light of these allegations, and the chairman of the house committee on veterans affair florida congressman jeff miller is also taking action. in a letter to the va secretary, he warn that if he does not get answers to his inquiry about this matter by next week, he will move to have subpoenas issued to get the information. and probably the best news we got all week came from one of the families that ainsley introduced us to. now joe darlie called our team of producers and told them after our story about her husband dan aired on our show, well, they got a phone call from the va, and they have a appointment scheduled for next week. by the way, they were waiting for months and months and months for that appointment. with all that in mind, we now
2:50 am
have ainsley's final installment from her reporting in arizona where she had victims meet at a local restaurant to share their stores, we're all here unfortunately because you've all been affected by the v.a. hospital. >> sally you've got u.s. together. what do you want to be done, now? >> well, these people that are affected by what the va did, it needs to be saluteed and cared for for the rest of their lives. when they need perfect care is what i want. >> debbie i see you shaking your head yes. your husband died a month ago. we don't want him to die in vain. what is the message to the va? the government? >> git it together. give people appointments. timely appointments. this is a time-sensitive
2:51 am
problem. we don't want to be stuck at home without appointments having the cancer growing we need to haveal attention not neglect. >> william? you're a veteran. this is your son behind you. he was injured fighting for our country. he says the va let him down. >> i come from a family of service men my father was a disabled veteran. i'm a disabled veteran. my son is a disabled veteran. i've seen the care that these men have received in the va facility here in phoenix. it's unacceptable. that is the bottom line. >> teddy? your dad is not here to stand in this panel to stand next to you. you're here fighting for him, making sure his death is not in vain. >> exactly. >> what is your message? >> we believe in the va. he was a service man. va for veterans and servicemñn. that is the way he wanted it.
2:52 am
it's just not right. people should be taken care of the vets, you know, better than they are. you know? >> they're so important. it's okay for them to go to war, it's okay for our children to die. for this country. but it's so not okay for them to be treated like animals? it isn't. >> connie can relate. what is your message for the government? you have a chance the government is watching. >> i wish they'd take responsibility and accountability for the staff, for what they do. i don't believe they should falsify records or doctor it up just so they can get their bonus at the end of the year. because they're taking money away from our vets. our vets need that money to go to them. >> when are we going to learn the lesson and put this proper protocol in place? we have to evaluate each conflict individually. that means injuries change
2:53 am
we have to be pro active instead of reactive. we're reactive and should not wait another 20 years and make another generation of veterans suffer in their homes and die before we figure it out. >> that is my boy. >> yes! >> proud of him. >> of course we're proud of him. >> tony, you've been through a lot you're still young. in your 40s you have the younger generation still having problem was the va. >> people have major problems. it should be impeckable ask timely care for every person that goes there. there is no other way to put it. >> right. >> i think what needs to be done is congress needs to get off of their butt and appoint someone that knows how to run a business, that someone just donated a lot of money to the campaign. that is the way i feel. >> we tend to suffer in silence. if we serve because it's our
2:54 am
duty and our calling. we did this not out of money sh but because we have a love of what we do. after we're done, we have a belief we're going to get taken care of but we're not, we're going to suffer together just as we did before. that is why there is not a lot said about it. >> there are over 20 million veterans in the united states of america. they need to stand up for rights and get a hold of someone, like yourself. >> what they deserve? >> demand what they deserve. >> more "hannity" coming up right after the break. at any minute you could be a victim of fraud. fraud could mean lower credit scores and higher mortgage rates. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report at
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♪ >> hello, everyone, and good morning. it is saturday, the 3rd of may, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. almost two years after four americans were killed in benghazi, will we finally get justice? >> i have evidence that not only are they hiding it, there is an intent to hide it. >> latest on this benghazi bombshell. >> and caught on camera. media bias at its most outrageous. >> see what you are writing down there you just wrote down blah blah blah for everything that joe ray said. she respected woman why are you writing blah blah bla


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